• Arwen

    I love this doggie. She is so affectionate, friendly and caring. My mother has a lot of Chinese decorations in the house and she is very careful walking and playing around them. Arwen definitely believes she is a human. Of course she is a spoiled pet 🙂 I got the dress for her 😮

  • Emily

    Last weekend I had a quick photo session with Emi, I met her and her beautiful family 8-9 years ago. During the last year she has changed a lot and she is now a teenager. I wanted to capture the essence and candor of the little girl she is leaving behind and the young woman …

  • BR Kid & Vellie

    Nicolas and Lovelle are rap singers and wanted bright and colorful photos for their music cover. I stepped out of my comfort zone while editing these photos 🙂 Some black and white photos from another session.  

  • Eduardo

    This is my friend Eduardo Villagrán. He is from Mexico City also. He is a photographer and very talented drawing artist. Last week he allowed me to shoot a portrait session in his studio. He taught me the basics and then let me play. My first time playing with studio lights! Eduardo is always joking …