I love this doggie. She is so affectionate, friendly and caring.
My mother has a lot of Chinese decorations in the house and she is very careful walking and playing around them. Arwen definitely believes she is a human. Of course she is a spoiled pet 🙂 I got the dress for her 😮
20140531-_MG_0641-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0649-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0654-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0664-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0669-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0671-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0686-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0689-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0697-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0703-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0704-V1-Arwen 20140531-_MG_0720-V1-Arwen

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