Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, SC

This time in Charleston we visited a Plantation it was fun and a very hot day.
The old Oak trees with Spanish moss looked so beautiful. I used to be afraid of these trees because when I was little my brother told me stories about how they became monsters at night 🙁 I mentioned it to him during his visit and he said he doesn’t remember telling me so…….. the things big brothers do to little sisters.

Now I can tell the peacock was getting uncomfortable with me getting closer and closer. I didn’t realize I was doing it, I was just trying to get a nice shot 😎

I wrote the story about this peacock on Facebook but for those who haven’t read it here it goes:
I was taking pictures of a Peakock. Ali was somewhere near by behind me. I guess I was getting way too close and the bird got angry, started screaming and opened his beautiful tail feathers then it started shaking them and running after us. When I took my eye away from the camera viewer, stood up (I was crouching) and turned to start running……….I saw Ali several steps in front of me running with the chickens and ducks (there was a bunny too haa haa) around us. What was that? He runs with them and leaves ME alone with the angry peakock!! It was so funny!! I hoped someone would have taken a video.
And the photo below is the last one I took before the bird started running toward me 😛  I’m surprised about the focus though, it’s still tack sharp on his eye!

I haven’t seen this flower before…..pineapple guava.

Ali and I smile every time we see these photos.
This trio was very funny. I named them “Cool & the gang” like the band (being Cool the white duck and the one who seemed to be the leader). Now, I know how people making cartoons come up with their ideas. There were other animals walking around, peacocks, goats, roosters, chickens, deer, rabbits, turkeys but this trio was always together and it seemed like if they were into something.
Suddenly, Cool would start quacking and running around……and the other two would just follow running and quacking. The other animals completely ignored them.

Another photo of the Waterfront Pier in Charleston, SC. I like the water on this one.

And to end this post a little GIF file. I didn’t take the photos thinking about making an animation but what else can you do when you have a lot of pics of the same subject. I aligned them the best I could.


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