On our way to Gijón…
We found a parking garage and as soon as we stepped out this was our first view of Gijón. I wasn’t expecting it was going to be that pretty. I wondered what San Sebastian would be like.20160512-3B8A7504-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7512-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7515-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7519-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7522-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7525-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7526-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7530-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7531-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7539-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7544-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7546-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7550-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7557-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7559-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7560-Gijon_ 20160512-3B8A7562-Gijon_

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