Vancouver, Canada. Part 2

On Sunday morning we went to Stanley Park. It was supposed to rain but we got lucky and other than a couple of rain drops, it was just very cloudy.

And then we went to the Aquarium. It was very dark and some people were taking photos with flash. I kept getting flash reflected on the glass.
I have to investigate the best way to take photos in an environment like this.


Hello!! little one 🙂

These ducks wouldn’t stay still. They were playful and kept chasing each other and wiggling their tails very fast (lots of splashing). It reminded me of those wind up toys. I searched on-line and found this article:  It is interesting.

This frog was tiny.

We were tired after walking all day and found a restaurant named Well Tea close to the hotel. I had Ginger milk tea with pearls (black tapioca) soooo good.

The next day (Monday) we left the hotel early and headed back to the border. We didn’t know yet where we would go but we wanted to be back in Washington. We didn’t make hotel reservations for this day so we could have the freedom to go wherever we felt like.
The line to cross the border was about the same size as the one we went through on our way to Vancouver. I was telling Ali that I wanted to go to the bathroom and he said: Go! Look! there are a lot of women going to the bathroom.
While I was thinking about it, all the cars started moving and they were moving fast. Then I saw the lady in the photo below coming out of the bathroom looking around for her car and barely had time to get my iPhone out to take the shot. Lol, it was so funny. They were all running. I’m glad I wasn’t with them 😛


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