A little bit of Washington State

We were back in the USA and decided to go to Sequim. They had a lavender festival during the weekend and we were hoping we would still be able to see lavender fields.

We took State Route 20 and stopped for a few minutes at the Deception Pass Bridge to take pictures.

These photos were taken at the intersection of State Route 20 and Keystone Ave.

There was an eagle and I didn’t have a zoom lens.

We took the Port Keystone-Townsend Ferry.

The trip on the ferry took about 30 minutes.

This part of Washington reminded us of Northern Ireland. It is pretty and flat but also very isolated.
The only lavender field we found was tiny. Not at all like the beautiful lavender fields you see in photos. The owner was very nice and she had a good sized area with all types of flowers. She allows you to cut the flowers and then you just bring them inside the store to pay. I wish there was a place like this where we live.

She had a small area with different types of lavender.


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