Morning Glories

I don’t think this was the first time I have seen a Morning Glory but it sure was the first time I took pictures of them. Trying to photograph the details of this beautiful flowers made me feel like a little girl in a toy store.
Even while a was editing the photos I was mesmerized by the color and couldn’t stop staring at the screen. The different tones of cream, blue and pink/purple are perfectly diffused through the entire flower and those perfect lines between the petals.

I’m not too afraid of bees anymore and now I’m curious about their behavior. Mainly because I don’t want to bother them and get stung by one 🙁
This one flew straight into the center and when it was done backed out like a dog 🙂

It seemed a little clumsy when it came out. It was holding tight and struggling, like if it was drunk.

This is another bee, the center of this flower was open. It just walked around when it was done.

Cotton Candy morning glory!

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