New York, Nemo, Mount Pocono

This post is mostly for my family and friends in Mexico. The last snowfall in Mexico city was in 1967.
Ali and I traveled to NY early in the morning on February 8th. I thought we might go through lots of turbulence but the flight was very smooth. It was already raining when we arrived at noon.

These photos were taken from our hotel room. Yes, I was freezing! It was around 2:40 PM when I saw the first snow flakes.

It was windy, windy, windy 😮

We went out and it was very nasty, mix of rain and snow. My family watched the news about Blizzard Nemo on TV and they were worried for us.

We woke up to this on Saturday.

Éstos camiones andan por todos lados recogiendo la nieve.

El Barrio Chino como en todos lados, sí que era otra cosa. Habían unos charcotes enormes y era difícil cruzar las calles.

On Sunday, we went to Mount Pocono in Pennsylvania. Ali had to work in the area for 2 days.

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