Cool and Coolito

Cool and Coolito live in a lake nearby our house. I named the white one Cool and my sister-in-law started calling the other one Coolito 🙂 They quack when they see us coming and run toward us. One day Coolito was so excited that he came running and shaking his wings. Of course we always bring bread to feed them.
20140214-_MG_6901-V1-Coolito 20140214-_MG_6906-V1-Cool y Coolito 20140214-_MG_6932-V1-Coolito 20140214-_MG_6937-V1-Cool y Coolito 20140214-_MG_6977-V1-Cool 20140214-_MG_6980-V1-Cool 20140214-_MG_6989-V1-Coolito 20140214-_MG_6992-V1-Cool 20140214-_MG_6995-V1-Cool y coolito 20140214-_MG_7002-V1-Cool 20140214-_MG_7003-V1-Cool 20140214-_MG_7031-V1-Cool y Coolito

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