Reynolda Gardens again

I took this photos a couple of weeks ago. Finally, I got to meet Oscar the frog. Michelle and Jason were there, otherwise probably I wouldn’t have gotten close enough 😛
20140723-_MG_7294-V1-rana 20140723-_MG_7324-V1-hojas
20140723-_MG_7357-V1-hojas 20140723-_MG_7362-V1-hojas
20140723-_MG_7421-V1-bird 20140723-_MG_7423-V1-bird
The light was beautiful on the blue flowers and the bees kept flying around. Jason put his hand near the bumble bees and they would just walk on top of his fingers! Then he said: Now, you do it. Of course I didn’t 😮
It has been a couple of years now and I don’t think I will ever get used to bugs, insects, etc. Being patient and observant is a must if you want to photograph the beauty of nature. I can be patient but I’m easily disturbed and scared away by small creatures.
My Father-in-law who is also a city boy said that with time you become accustomed to nature. I don’t think that will be the case with me. My parents visited during the summer and before going out to the garden they would change their clothes to pants and long sleeves 🙂
20140723-_MG_7396-V1-honey bee20140723-_MG_7396-V1-honey bee close up20140723-_MG_7439-V1-tibouchina 20140723-_MG_7441-V1-tibouchina 20140723-_MG_7453-V1-tibouchina 20140723-_MG_7460-V1-tibouchina 20140723-_MG_7477-V1-flower pink 20140723-_MG_7488-V1-blue
My first hummingbird! Not the perfect photo but one day, one day.20140723-_MG_7503-V1-colibri

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