Blue Ridge Parkway

We had a reservation for a Hot air balloon ride on Oct 13 but the operator called the previous night to cancel due to bad weather. It seemed that it was going to be windy. We were disappointed but decided to get up early anyway to see the sunrise.
The fog was dense and we couldn’t see much at 6 AM but Ali kept driving up the mountains.20151013-3B8A4171-Fall 2015
20151013-3B8A4176-Fall 201520151013-3B8A4177-Fall 201520151013-3B8A4179-Fall 2015
The sun finally appeared. After all it wasn’t too bad that our hot air balloon ride was cancelled. Most of the trees were still green. Hopefully next year we will get to do it.
20151013-3B8A4182-Fall 201520151013-3B8A4183-Fall 201520151013-3B8A4185-Fall 201520151013-3B8A4187-Fall 201520151013-3B8A4194-Fall 201520151013-3B8A4202-Fall 2015

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