The Byodo-In Temple, Kahaluu, O'ahu, Hawaii

Went with my parents to Byodo-In Temple. The mountains and clouds reminded me of China.
20151020-3B8A4499-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4504-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4529-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4537-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4538-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4542-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4555-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4561-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4567-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4581-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4587-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4589-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4596-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4601-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4605-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4608-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4609-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4620-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4622-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4625-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4645-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4653-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4654-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4657-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4660-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4663-Byodo-in Temple
20151020-3B8A4666-Byodo-in Temple
We stopped on our way back to the condo at Waiahole Poi Factory. I was curious about poi but it definitely is one of those things you have to grow up eating.
20151020-3B8A4668-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4674-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4684-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4690-Kamehameha Hwy
The photos below are from Kualoa Regional Park at Kāneʻohe Bay
20151020-3B8A4692-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4698-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4694-Kamehameha Hwy
The view of Mokoli’i (Chinaman’s Hat) from Kualoa Beach Park.
20151020-3B8A4695-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4711-Kamehameha Hwy
This is turtle beach, a lot of people and 2 poor annoyed turtles trying to sleep.
20151020-3B8A4717-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4721-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4726-Kamehameha Hwy
20151020-3B8A4728-Kamehameha Hwy

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