We were thinking about flying to another country but instead decided to go back to León and take it easy. Ali took the countryside road all the way down. We stopped in Oviedo for lunch.


Bilbao is larger than we though. It felt like a comfortable city. The art museum is renowned and the primary attraction in the city. From Bilbao we went back towards Gijón. We found a hotel that we liked and wanted to have some quiet time. These are some pictures I took from the highway.


We left San Sebastián and stopped by Biarritz briefly on our way to our hotel in Bayonne. We were tired and hungry.

San Sebastián

I have been looking forward to see San Sebastián for a very long time. It is nice although touristy. We found a good oyster bar. Lots of new varieties we hadn’t tried before.


Walking around Pamplona. We checked into our hotel on the edge of Pamplona. The hotel was nice and modern. Instead of a key card they scan your finger and that’s how you get in your room, gym, and out of the parking garage. My finger didn’t work 🙁  The receptionist said that it has happened …


From Burgos we went straight to Logroño it was late to visit wineries. We checked in an hotel and took a taxi to the center of town. These signs were on the floor in Calle Laurel known for having lots of restaurants offering tapas/pinchos. We went back to Laurel and had wine and tapas for …