León 2

We were in León around 7PM. We booked a room with a nice balcony and view of the Plaza Mayor. It was raining a little but it wasn’t cold. It is interesting to see how weather and other factors can influence your perception/memories of a place.
20160520-3B8A8706-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8709-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8710-Leon3


The last rays of sunlight at 8:30PM.

20160520-3B8A8716-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8717-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8718-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8719-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8722-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8723-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8726-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8727-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8728-Leon3 20160520-3B8A8729-Leon3

The clouds were so dramatic that night. I’m glad we got to see the cathedral illuminated.


The next morning we were awakened by a lot of noise and people yelling. This is what we saw as we open the balcony doors. Saturday market!!

20160521-3B8A8745-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8746-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8748-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8749-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8751-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8756-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8760-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8764-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8765-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8766-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8768-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8770-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8771-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8774-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8775-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8777-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8779-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8781-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8784-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8787-Leon3a 20160521-3B8A8788-Leon3a

From left to right, the 4th balcony on the top floor was our room.


Alcatraz! Alcatraces!! My favorite flower. So elegant. I love Calla Lilies.


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