We left our house around 4AM and flew from Raleigh, NC to Los Angeles. We had a 4 hour layover in LA. We didn’t want to eat airport food so we asked a latino guy for recommendations and he sent us to La Fonda (very close to the airport). I always wonder when they have an “authentic Mexican food” sign but this time it was authentic. We were surprised to find very good Mexican food.
We went back to the airport for our 12hr flight to Tokyo. We arrived in Narita late at night and stayed in a hotel close to the airport.
20160924-IMG_8654-TokyocelWe had breakfast and took the metro to our hotel in Tokyo to drop our luggage. We spent only 1 night in Tokyo.
20160926-IMG_8673-TokyocelI didn’t take many pictures with Sabrina while we were in large cities. I used my iPhone more often. We walked a lot and to me it becomes a hassle to carry a large camera all day long. We were also trying to get used to the time difference after a long flight.
20160926-3B8A0236-Tokio 20160926-3B8A0240-Tokio20160926-3B8A0242-Tokio 20160926-3B8A0244-Tokio
20160926-3B8A0246-Tokio 20160926-3B8A0247-Tokio20160926-3B8A0248-Tokio 20160926-3B8A0271-Tokio
It looks like beef but it was tuna cheek. Tasted like livery meat, not like fish. We liked it.
The view from the top floor of our hotel.
When I was a little girl we lived for a couple of years in a house that had the bathroom outside. We had to go across the patio to get to the bathroom (it was a very little town in Mexico) and the houses are made of brick and there isn’t heating or air conditioning. The whole bathroom was always freezing cold.
Those memories came to mind in Japan where most of the toilets have a lot of buttons (I love buttons by the way, Ali says I’m the button expert). So the toilet seat is always warm, the toilet plays happy music, flushes by itself, etc, etc.
We left our hotel and took the metro to the train station.
Oh and this is a scan of Tokyo’s metro map.
Tokyo metro 2
From Tokyo we took the bullet train to Kyoto.
I took the pictures below while we were riding the train. I does go fast.
20160927-IMG_8734-Tokyocel 20160927-IMG_8732-Tokyocel 20160927-IMG_8721-Tokyocel 20160927-IMG_8738-Tokyocel

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