As soon as we arrived in Kyoto we had to go to a pharmacy for an antihistamine 🙁  I had a very bad allergic reaction to bug bites in my legs that I got in Virginia a week before leaving to Asia. My ankles were swollen and the bug bites were itching badly. Pharmacies in Japan are really nice and colorful.
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This is the only temple we visited. It was almost 5PM.
20160927-3B8A0297-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0299-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0300-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0304-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0307-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0308-Kyoto
We walked in Kyoto for about 3 hours and had Gyoza for dinner. This place was simple and the gyoza excellent. Those Asahi beers were delicious. We were sooooo thirsty :-p
20160927-IMG_8742-Kyotocel20160927-IMG_8746-Kyotocel20160927-IMG_8743-Kyotocel 20160927-IMG_8745-Kyotocel 20160927-IMG_8747-Kyotocel
20160927-3B8A0315-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0316-Kyoto
The next morning we had planned to visit a couple of temples but it was raining and we didn’t feel like walking in the rain. We went to Kyoto’s train station instead.
20160928-IMG_8754-Kyotocel 20160928-IMG_8757-Kyotocel
Japan has the cutest cartoon drawings all around. There is character for everything.
20160927-3B8A0319-KyotoCheck out Gudetama for a cartoon egg yolk that is supposed to help people empathize with those afflicted by depression.

Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 8.57.51 PM

A screen shot of a limited edition credit card 😉

One of the largest train stations we have seen. Pretty impressive and with so many stores and restaurants. It was purposefully built to be an attraction fitting of the ancient city.20160927-3B8A0321-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0322-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0323-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0325-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0327-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0330-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0332-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0333-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0337-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0339-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0343-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0345-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0348-Kyoto
We went to an area that had several ramen restaurants. A machine like this is at the front door. You choose what you want and pay for it. The machine gives you a ticket which you hand to the attendant at the door. You get your table and they bring your food.
20160927-3B8A0350-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0351-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0354-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0356-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0367-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0370-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0371-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0372-Kyoto 20160927-3B8A0377-Kyoto
Several places in Asia still have the old style toilets. I definitely prefer the ones with the warm seat option.
Not a good picture but………
In the train to our next destination Osaka.

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