Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite places. For some reason I feel very comfortable there. It’s the perfect mix of East and West (I guess that has to do with the way I was raised). This was my third time. I thought I was going to take more pictures but once we were there I just wanted to enjoy the place.
I can eat all the food my grandmother used to make at home. There is always a flavor or smell from my childhood that I had forgotten. When it comes to shopping I can find things that fit my ethnicity that I can’t find in the USA or Mexico so I’m the happiest girl at the mall there. I believe the way I feel there is how my life would have been if my grandparents had stayed in China.
20161001-3B8A0575-Hong Kong 20161003-3B8A0579-Hong Kong 20161003-3B8A0580-Hong Kong 20161003-3B8A0589-Hong Kong
These are the pictures I took with my iPhone, most of them while riding the bus or ferry. Just to get a feeling of Hong Kong….
Hong Kong airport.
20161001-IMG_9100-HongKongcel20161001-IMG_9099-HongKongcel 20161001-IMG_9104-HongKongcel
View from our room.20161001-IMG_9117-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9120-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9119-HongKongcel
On the right Lapchion “chinese sausage” never as good as the ones my grandmother use to make.20161002-IMG_9122-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9133-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9131-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9140-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9137-HongKongcel
The top floor of a double decker.
20161002-IMG_9145-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9146-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9141-HongKongcel
Tokens for the ferry.
20161002-IMG_9149-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9150-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9152-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9160-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9158-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9162-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9170-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9174-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9173-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9178-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9176-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9181-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9179-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9187-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9185-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9189-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9188-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9198-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9195-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9194-HongKongcel
Razor clams
20161002-IMG_9202-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9199-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9207-HongKongcel 20161002-IMG_9231-HongKongcel20161002-IMG_9236-HongKongcel
Free WIFI spot.20161002-IMG_9238-HongKongcel20161003-IMG_9251-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9244-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9263-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9262-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9270-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9269-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9275-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9274-HongKongcel 20161003-IMG_9278-HongKongcel

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