Kangaroo Island III

Our tour ended in Admirals Arch.


View of Remarkable Rocks from Admirals Arch

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Hahahaha sleeping with his mouth open. I liked koalas when I was younger but now that I have seen them in person it is hard to like such an inanimate and indifferent creature. They all seemed grumpy.

20161018-3B8A3081-KangarooIsland9 20161018-3B8A3059-KangarooIsland9

Cape Barren goose

20161018-3B8A3063-KangarooIsland9 20161018-3B8A3070-KangarooIsland9 20161018-3B8A3073-KangarooIsland9 20161018-3B8A3074-KangarooIsland9 20161018-3B8A3076-KangarooIsland9
20161018-3B8A3071-KangarooIsland9 20161018-3B8A3066-KangarooIsland9
We took the ferry back to Adelaide. It wasn’t too bad, the water wasn’t as choppy anymore. The drive to Adelaide wasn’t bad either. Ali thought we might find a lot of traffic but it was actually pretty quiet. Lots of restaurants and stores were already closed at 8PM on Tuesday.

Ali was driving and we were trying to photograph one of the Kangaroo crossing signs on the highway. We couldn’t get the sign but we were halted by a Kangaroo in the street. He didn’t want to move and keep staring back to us. That was the perfect ending to our day.

20161019-IMG_0332-Australiacel 20161019-IMG_0331-Australiacel
No, we couldn’t eat Kangaroo after seeing them the previous day.

We were in the car in Auckland on our way to the airport and heard a lot of noise coming from a tree at a stop light. These colorful birds are sooooo loud.


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