Kangaroo Island

We woke up early to go to Kangaroo Island. It was hard to get out of bed. We were really tired.
We dressed in layers. There were a couple of strange turns before the main highway. After that it was mostly straight. We stopped at a bakery/coffee shop for something to eat.
20161018-IMG_0251-Australiacel20161018-IMG_0267-AustraliacelIt was cold and windy. The ocean was choppy and I forgot to bring my dramamine 🙁
Ali took these pictures from the ferry on the way to Kangaroo Island. I was sleeping.
Coming out of the ferry there were a couple of buses waiting for tours. We found ours soon.
First we went to Seal Bay to see the Australian Sea Lions. We were told to stay out of the way of the Sea Lions and keep our distance.
20161017-3B8A2711-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2713-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2719-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2722-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2726-KangarooIsland1
He had a large scar on his back 🙁
20161017-3B8A2730-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2731-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2734-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2737-KangarooIsland1 20161017-3B8A2739-KangarooIsland1
I got to photograph some drama during the 15 minutes we were there.


She came out of the ocean all nice and baywatch sexy girl like.


This Mom was feeding her little baby.


The other ones around were minding their own business.


A storm was coming. I kept capturing the Sea Lions.


………..here comes the trouble maker.


He came straight to her and started his attempt to kiss her. I don’t know what may have happened earlier while they were swimming alone in that big expanse of ocean :-O

20161017-3B8A2760-KangarooIsland2 20161017-3B8A2761-KangarooIsland2

It seemed like he got rejected and started moving away slowly but still hoping………(I think the poor little baby pup was wondering what was going on with the adults)


……..and then is when her either husband or dad?? I think husband/boyfriend came


The ouuuuu, grrrrr, ouuuuu, grrrrgrrrrr, barking, grunting, growling and other words/noises got louder and louder………….Mom and baby started moving away from the mess.


and the offender was soon gone.


In the meanwhile it was getting darker and windier on the opposite side of the sea lions.

20161017-3B8A2771-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2775-KangarooIsland3
20161017-3B8A2778-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2779-KangarooIsland3

Mom and baby kept their distance


The wind was very strong. I could barely hold Sabrina still. I thought it was just very strong wind blowing sand and hitting my legs but it was actually rain. It was strange because it came sideways. Most of our group members ran immediately for cover to the building which was like 100 yards away. We were soaked 🙁 and it was just the start of a whole day tour in Kangaroo Island.

20161017-3B8A2786-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2787-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2789-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2790-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2793-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2794-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2795-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2796-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2797-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2798-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2800-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2802-KangarooIsland3 20161017-3B8A2803-KangarooIsland3

It seems that the storm only happened on the beach area. He was on the way back to the building and he seemed relaxed.

Luckily, Ali brought his newspapers to our trip 🙂 Definitely newspaper is the best thing to absorb water. We sat on newspaper for 20 minutes to our next destination and our jeans were mostly dry. I was so happy then that Ali loves to read his newspaper.

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