San Martín de Elines

San Martín de Elines is a very small town in Cantabria. The church from the 10th century is the major attraction. This whole area of Cantabria is beautiful and very green.    


We were in Santander for a just a couple of hours. We walked downtown and had lunch. After lunch we went to el Barrio pesquero. Probably we should have had lunch (fish) in one of the local restaurants here. 


Ribadesella is a cute little town. It is hard to find parking spots. We walked around for a couple of minutes. There was a pilgrimage using the road so we had to wait for a couple of minutes. I was looking for lambs, calves and foals on the road. Whenever we had a chance Ali …


On our way to Gijón… We found a parking garage and as soon as we stepped out this was our first view of Gijón. I wasn’t expecting it was going to be that pretty. I wondered what San Sebastian would be like.

Madrid 1

The previous day we went to sleep around 11PM (after being awake for 24 hours) as a result of our self imposed sleep deprivation. We woke up at noon 🙁 We went to El Retiro. El Palacio Real de Madrid (Royal Palace of Madrid) charges 10 Euros per person for admission. Before going to Spain …


We went to Spain in early May. Our flight left around 3PM. It was a full flight. I was hoping we would sleep a little but we couldn’t. We arrived in Madrid before 6AM of the next day (midnight in our time). We had to leave our luggage at the train station because our Airbnb …