To you

I took these pictures thinking about you yesterday. Two hours later I learned you had left. We were going to have a girly photo session next time we saw each other……that won’t happen here……now. But I believe I will get to see you again sometime in another place my dear sweet friend.

A weekend around Asheville, NC

We took a short trip to Asheville to see the colors of Fall. The photos below were taken around Linville and the Blue Ridge Parkway. We had dinner in Asheville and then spent the night in a cute Inn in Chimney Rock. The next day early in the morning we went hiking. Holding tight.

The beautiful colors of Fall!!

During the past 3 weeks I have tried to come back home through Old Salem Road to check if the leaves were already changing. I think it has been a little bit slower this year or maybe it is that I was so impatient to see the beautiful colors. At last, the deep colors I …

A poppy field and Flamenco Passion

     Ever since we lived in Europe I have a fixation with Poppy (Amapola in Spanish, my native language) and Lavender fields. I was out with my husband one weekend and saw poppies right beside the highway!      I couldn’t resist and had to bring a couple of flowers home (I didn’t know …