From Burgos we went straight to Logroño it was late to visit wineries. We checked in an hotel and took a taxi to the center of town.
20160515-3B8A8051-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8054-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8056-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8060-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8067-Logroño
These signs were on the floor in Calle Laurel known for having lots of restaurants offering tapas/pinchos.
20160515-3B8A8070-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8071-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8072-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8073-Logroño
20160515-3B8A8080-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8082-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8085-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8086-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8087-Logroño


The doors of the cathedral were closing when we arrived.

20160515-3B8A8091-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8096-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8097-Logroño 20160515-3B8A8099-LogroñoWe went back to Laurel and had wine and tapas for dinner.

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